Midnight Rendezvous

The Midnight Rendezvous is a tavern, owned and operated by a group of adventurers. The Midnight Rendezvous is unique in that it changes location from time to time, and can potentially be found in any location in the multiverse.

The original location of the Midnight Rendezvous lies in the city of Waterdeep. Once a ramshackle tavern located in a rough part of the city, the building was purchased at a (relatively) low price by Kai Wilder and Slavina. After clearing an infestation of undead from the surrounding neighborhood, the unlikely pair turned the building into a small tavern (which Kai dubbed “The Midnight Rendezvous” in honor of their many nighttime gatherings to defeat the undead).

The tavern grew rapidly in popularity. After it was revealed that the company of adventurers in ownership of the tavern had, in fact, prevented the destruction of Waterdeep at the hands of a powerful evil presence, statues were constructed throughout the city to honor the heroes. This lead to greater notoriety, and The Midnight Rendezvous became a regular gathering place of some of the more powerful individuals of Waterdeep and the surrounding area.

It was a few years later that a strange phenomenon became apparent. The Midnight Rendezvous was no longer only located in Waterdeep. Somehow, the tavern had come to exist in several cities at once. Travelers from various worlds would enter the tavern. The Midnight Rendezvous was somehow simultaneously existing in multiple places at once. Further, visitors could potentially use the tavern as a means of travel from one location to another. The apex of this strange phenomenon occurred when The Midnight Rendezvous could be found in the city of Sigil itself, thus securing its ability to open literally anywhere.

Along with this, the tavern had changed gradually over time. The once small and cramped tavern had grown slowly (on the inside, at least). Even a regular visitor would be hard-pressed to gauge the rate at which the tavern grew, only noting very small changes or additions here and there. The Midnight Rendezvous can now comfortably hold several hundred visitors at a time, and contains an unknown (perhaps fluid?) number of floors and rooms.

While much is still unknown about The Midnight Rendezvous, the following is some information that has been gathered by various visitors over the years:

  • The common room (usually referred to simply as “The Commons”) holds many finely crafted tables, chairs and a bar (tended by the quiet, yet friendly dragonborn Bertrand). Though no one has yet to explain it, this one dragonborn is somehow capable of tending the entire bar by himself, seemingly without rest.
  • Beneath the tavern lies a basement level which serves as the residence of Kai Wilder. An small fortress made of solid adamantium serves as the actual living quarters, and Kai is said to be able to “fold up” and carry this fortress with him somehow.
  • There is also speculation of a magical prison facility located beneath the tavern. It is said that all manner of dangerous entities are kept here for reasons unknown to anyone except the owners.
  • A large theatrical stage serves as the focal point of the entertainment, overseen (and often performed) by the succubus known as Slavina.
  • Much like the City of Doors itself, The Midnight Rendezvous often entertains very mixed company, including those from the outer and inner planes, beings both demonic and angelic, even entities from the elemental planes. Those visiting the tavern quickly learn that hostilities are not tolerated, and anyone or anything who becomes violent finds himself/herself/itself ejected from the tavern (sometimes in seemingly random places throughout the multiverse)!

Midnight Rendezvous

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